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Spring Cleaning Tips

When you walk into your home and can smell what you had for dinner last night, it’s time to take some action. Every year at this time people decide they have had enough of how their places looks. The windows are dingy and there is a hairball from the cat rolling across the floor like […] Read More

Residential Move Checklist: Simplify Your Move to the Detroit Suburbs

You’re moving to the Detroit suburbs, and your to-do list is so overwhelming, you don’t know where to start. We’re here to help! Use this checklist and simplify your move by tackling this transition one step at a time. Before moving day Hire professional movers. Before you pack a single box or bin, schedule a […] Read More

Thinking of Moving to Lincoln Park, MI?

Lincoln Park is a city of 38,000 people outside Detroit, Michigan. One of the most densely populated municipalities in the state, Lincoln Park developed as a bedroom community providing homes to workers in the Detroit area’s auto plants and steel mills. Lincoln Park Population & Demographics The median age of Lincoln Park residents is 36.1, […] Read More

Questions Before Moving into a New Home with Your Partner

So, you’re moving in with the one you love in Michigan. You’ve packed boxes with hearts above your head and called Michigan movers before moving in before marriage. This is an exciting, but also scary time. Benefit from the experience of others who have moved in together: Follow these tips and avoid pitfalls. Cohabitation is […] Read More

How Do I Tip Movers?

If you’re moving in the near future, you may wonder what to tip movers or if you should tip your movers. After all, you tip your Lyft driver, waiter, and stylist, and none of them are hauling your living room furniture to a truck.    Unlike a ride-share or restaurant experience, tipping etiquette with movers […] Read More

Fireplace Care and Maintenance for Your New Michigan Home

If you’ve just moved to Michigan and your new home came with a fireplace, you might now know what needs to be done to use your fireplace safely. As the winter season approaches and the temperatures start to drop in Michigan, it’s important to make sure your fireplace is in good working condition. Whether you […] Read More

Five Fastest-Growing Places in Michigan

Are people moving to Michigan? The answer is YES!  If you’re wondering what the fastest growing places in Michigan are, read on! Check out the five cities with the biggest population boom in The Great Lake State! Lyon (44% growth) Lyon township has nearly doubled its population in two decades, growing from 11,041 residents in […] Read More

Thinking of Moving to Dearborn, MI Ultimate Living in Dearborn

This city not far from Detroit may best be known as the hometown of Henry Ford. Dearborn is a city on the eastern side of Michigan located in Wayne County. It is 9 miles away from Detroit. DEARBORN, MI POPULATION AND DEMOGRAPHICS The 2020 the population of Dearborn was 94,328. Dearborn is not that diverse […] Read More


Unless you bought a brand-new house, you knew there would be projects. There’s painting. Changing the locks. Adding a new front door on for curb appeal. But there is one thing that few new homeowners want to admit right away. It’s admitting that windows that don’t open and others are costing you a ton of […] Read More

How to Get Rid of Mosquitoes in Your Yard in MI

Mosquito Removal in MI You have the best ribeye steak you could find. You even bought sweet corn and veggies for a side. It’s grilling season, baby — the best time of the year. But something is not as fun as it should be. As you stand in front of your new grill, the mosquitoes […] Read More

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